Professional development

Friday, 04/12/2020

Our aim is to promote life-long learning not just in our students, but in our teachers as well. We want to raise awareness towards a deeper understanding of teaching and learning pedagogies, keeping abreast of educational developments and initiatives. 

Our comprehensive programme of Continued Professional Development ensures that our teachers are kept up to date with the latest teaching methodologies and ideas. It is expected that teachers will proactively continue to develop themselves as professionals whilst they are employed at the school.

We offers:

  • Leadership programmes for Principals, Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders and aspiring Leaders
  • Online professional support and discussion forums
  • Regionally based teacher training conferences
  • Workshops in school

We know that a productive and positive school culture is essential to initiate and sustain school improvement. We actively encourage networking between colleagues across campuses. 

Our teachers lead their own development, engaging in social and peer-to-peer learning. We offer programmes and courses to help our people develop their subject expertise, understanding of the latest educational research, excellence in teaching approaches and leadership skills. Our teachers can share ideas, inspiration and challenges with colleagues around the globe through our communities, as well as examples of best practice from across our family of schools.

The school will also support a limited number of teachers who wish to study towards advanced qualifications like an MA, MBA, NPQH.