About us

Thứ bảy, 04/05/2020

Edufit is a pioneering education corporation, delivering world-class education, established in Vietnam in 2011.  With broad vision, long-term development strategies, Edufit aims to become one of the largest education system in Vietnam and an ideal working environment for thousands of Vietnamese staff, teachers and foreign teachers. Highly qualified, experienced, passionate teachers are welcomed to join Edufit, share our vision and mission.

With more than 10 member companies operating in the field of education in Vietnam, Edufit is substantiating its rapid growth and pioneering position in the field of education through key business activities: 

  • Kindergarten school activities: Sakura Montessori Kindergarten System and Ikids Montessori Kindergarten
  • Grade school activities include Primary, Secondary, and High School: The Dewey Schools
  • Supporting services: 
 Vietnam Education Cooperation Joint Stock Company ( Educo)
 S-Deli Joint Stock Company
 ASC Training Joint Stock Company


Edufit Charter

Our mission is to encourage generation’s empowerment in acquiring necessary knowledges and skills
to master the world’s changes and become leaders who have positive influences on the community or wherever they live. 

We declare the possibility of providing innovative and trusted education services to elevate Vietnam. We stand for the values that honor and inspire our students. We are committed to breakthroughs that develop sustainable education, using a business model that makes it all possible. We can be counted on to work with dedication.


Edufit vision 2025 

Edufit is the icon for education in Vietnam. Edufit offers educational services that parents look for, students love, and staff are proud of.


Edufit 2025 Leadership Team Statement of Accountability

We are Edufit, global educators committed to contributing to our community. We are dedicated, courageous and persistent. We commit to work with Integrity. We pledge to never stop transforming ourselves. We respect diversity. We encourage creativity. We can be counted on to develop students’ character and capabilities.